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I coach, consult, and train leaders and their teams to deliver more sustainable value...faster!

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Some of my valued clients (mid-market transformations and large company intrapreneurial ventures:

Who I love to work with

Start-up entrepreneurs 

Do you want want to set up your business for long-term growth and profitability? I can help you navigate the process.

Struggling businesses 

Are you sailing through some rough waters? Let's have a look at how you currently serve your clients and how you can do better, faster.

Seasoned entrepreneurs

Are you an experienced business captain looking to improve strategy and operations? I will share my extensive experience with you to make your business run like clockwork.

Team leaders

Your level of leadership will drip down to every member of your crew. I can help you grow as a leader, improving the entire operation of the vessel in the process!

I am David Gallimore

a.k.a. Captain Coach David

Experienced captain, business and leadership coach

From my adventures in business and on the ocean, I know that proven systems and strategies create a more enjoyable journey, keep everyone safe and get us to our destination in time.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to create and manage those critical processes in your business. You thus remain calm throughout a storm because you know exactly where you're headed, how your ship operates, which crew members are in charge of which operation and how much pressure the vessel can handle.

I have taken all the lessons that I have learned in business to how I operate my ship and vice-versa, and I am looking forward to being able to do the same for you.


My Services

Our transformational journey will be based on where you are right now and where you need to go next. Below are some my core services to help grow leaders and their companies.

Startup Feasibility Analysis

Together we make a detailed analysis of your value proposition, your target audience and the competitive landscape.

Business Plan Review

A tried and tested system to keep cruising forward toward your business's strategic objectives.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders must prepare the path for others to follow. We create and implement an effective leadership plan.

Management Consulting

I will share with you my experience from working in tens of different industries and in multiple roles.

Agile Project Management

I excel at bringing people together to complete projects on spec, on time, all the while enjoying the process.

Training & Speaking

Want to organize a workshop or corporate training filled with tales of adventure, perils, and excitement? Get in touch.

What my clients say about my work

David is a strong leader, innovator, strategist and all-around great person. His strength lies in developing innovative strategies which leverage technology
to deliver customer value and leading the team through the project with flawless execution.

I enjoyed working with David to launch the Capgemini IoT practice and look forward to working with him in the future.

Mary Haigis

Executive Vice President, Marketing, BDNA Corporation

It is difficult to explain the level of gratitude and respect I have for David.

He taught me to truly make a difference by getting to know my clients and understanding their concerns, issues, and needs.

Thank you, David, for the inspiration, effort, and passion you bring each and every day.

Art Thomas

Business owner

I have rarely worked with anyone who is so personally invested in growing my business and myself as a leader like David.

To me his secret sauce is the combination of his warm character, tremendous business experience and strategic insights to pinpoint exactly what my business needs.

Not only does he create a simple, strategic plan but he also makes sure that the plan is implemented and followed correctly.

Bert Ackaert


Let's embark on an exciting adventure

How I prefer to work


We connect and get clear on where you are and where you want to go

  • We get crystal clear on where you and your business are right now.
  • We define in detail where you want to go.
  • We map all the obstacles and opportunities that are standing in your way.

We create a simple, strategic plan

  • From our initial analysis, we map the quickest route to your goal.
  • We share our simple and effective plan with every stakeholder involved.
  • We create or improve the systems, processes, and metrics that will move us closer to our goal and objectively tell us where we are on our journey.

We relentlessly implement the plan and adjust along the way

  • We take massive action using tried and tested methodologies from the most successful companies on the planet.
  • We celebrate wins and failures, as these are opportunities to improve.
  • We create a system to keep everyone in the whole company working together as one team throughout the journey.

my mission

To help entrepreneurs create a better world...faster!

I believe and have seen how much of an impact conscious entrepreneurship can have on the world. Therefore, I am dedicated to serving entrepreneurial people who want to make the world a better place with my business experience and strategic insights.

It will take a sizeable village of leaders like us, working together, to unleash the creativity of millions of people. We have no time to waste! Are you in? How do you want to play together to create a better world...faster!?

In light of this mission, I volunteer 5% of my time and donate 5% of my profits to support multiple good causes. 

By working with me, you will learn from the very best

Throughout my journey, I have been blessed to have worked closely with some of the captains of industry. 

My mentor, Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford and Boeing Commercial Aircraft, nominated, and Marshall Goldsmith selected me from 16,000+ global applicants to be one of the first members of the MG100 coaches.

Alan mullaly

Former CEO of Ford and Boeing

Marshall Goldsmith

Executive coach & educator

Let's grow your business...together!

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contact David

If you prefer to reach out to me directly, feel free to fill out this form or find my contact information below.


Captain Coach David

contact David

If you prefer to reach out to me directly, feel free to fill out this form or find my contact information below.


Captain Coach David